Untitled Ode

Spring served notice on Winter this morning with its sneak-attack, blue-white sky
With its sunrise arrival far-earlier than before
With its songbird sonata outside the windowsill
Even before the darkness of yesterday became gray and then white and then

Spring accosted Winter today with its fly-in-your-face, swirling and whipping about
With its garish neon yellow signs, blinking and buzzing
With all its hot air and pomp and circumstance, clashing against Winter’s last cold shoulder
Even when Winter knew it was the final round and then

Spring scared Winter away this evening with one helluva pyrotechnic light show and cannon blast
With its threats and its passion lurking in the darkness
With its lumbering, near-slumbering, stumbling black wooliness and attitude in the backyard
Climbing up out of her hibernation
Her vacation
Her nap
Terrible twos in tow

Spring upstaged Winter today, and tomorrow promises a reprise
Strutting and fretting, heralding the change
Rejoicing in Winter’s retreat – no return in sight
Sloughing off layers and exposing new life

Spring arrived today
And I, 
By its sibling season,
Am glad


2 Responses to “Untitled Ode”

  1. Hooray! Powerfully poetic! Love!

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